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How to send faxes using Jet-dial Hosted Fax Service

1. Be sure you have been granted a license within your organization so that your email is authorized to send and receive hosted faxes. The cost for each email address per organization is $2.00 per month, in addition to the service charge of $7.95 per month and the per page cost of $0.14.

Please contact us if would like to discuss or confirm that you are setup for sending faxes.

2. Once the file is scanned to email send as an email attachment from one of the configured addresses to 1<number>@faxhd.com

For example – to send a fax to Inter-Quest, you would email a pdf attachment to 19208850144@faxhd.com

3. Once you submit the email, you will receive an email confirmation telling you that the fax has been successfully queued for sending.

4. If the fax is sent successfully, you will receive a second email confirmation telling you the fax has gone through. This may take a minute or two.

5. If there is an issue with the email for the fax, you will receive an email telling you why. You can always reach out to us with the notes in that email for assistance.

Updated on June 17, 2021

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